As soon as you complete the order, you will be taken to a webpage with download instructions.

If your team is not significantly better, I'll refund 100% of your money!

If you can find a better system out there, I'll pay you back for their system as well!


Assuming you have 10 players on your team, they will only need to chip in less than $8 a piece for the Complete Package which includes both the Headache Offense and the Unbeatable Defense. You also get my personal help to make sure you get the best offense and defense possible for your league.


Trust me, when they see the system you got them, you will be a hero! They'll gladly chip in. Considering the average tournament costs $500, $8 a piece is nothing...especially when this is the difference between winning it and losing it! You'll more than make up for it when you win the next tourny.

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If you only want the Headache Offense and not the Unbeatable Defense or my personal assistance, your team can get the Online Package for less than $4 a piece. Order by clicking the button below:

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If you have any questions, please send me an email at thinkofacard(at)gmail(dot)com

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- Jonathan Grant


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