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Dear Friend,

There is something unique in flag football that allows for an unbeatable system. A secret that most teams know nothing about. What would happen if you were the only team in your league who knew that secret? Wait till you read the testimonials!

Imagine coming out onto the field knowing that everyone on the other team is scared to death to play you! Everyone in the league is talking about you. As you strut onto the playing surface you know that you are going to light up the scoreboard and dominate them on both sides of the ball!

The other teams just can't understand how you are doing it. No matter what they do, you dominate them with ease. Your defense doesn't just limit their offense, you humiliate and embarrass them!


That's What You Are About to Become

My name is Jonathan Grant, and I'm considered by many to be the world's foremost expert in flag football strategy. I started selling my Headache Offense and Unbeatable defense over a decade ago and the response and success of teams using my system has been unbelievable!

My success has led to many copycats on the internet making false claims while selling nothing more than a handful of pages of random plays. You get what you pay for! After being angry and disappointed with other sites, many come to me wishing they had bought my system first! There's a world of difference between my system and anything else online. Trust me, it's not even close!

You need much more than plays. With my system you get...

  • 100's of plays,

  • each with detailed descriptions,

  • specific QB reads,

  • the theories behind the plays,

  • when to use them,

  • how to use them,

  • how to create a gameplan,

  • how to practice,

  • new routes you've never seen,

  • how to create your own plays,

  • additional plays and systems for every type of league,

  • everything else you need to become a dominant team!

Most importantly, you get the system. The system involves what plays to use, how to call them, when to call them, audibles, and how the plays all work together! All the plays are coded in a way that you know how to insert them into the system. Trust me, it will take you days just to read all the information.

Bottom Line:

Your team with my system will beat the team with anyone else's system. Period!



As you can imagine, I've gotten tons of testimonials and after a while I quit keeping them because there were so many. Here are some of the first testimonials I received. When you have seen enough, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.


"We have 1 final regular season game on Wednesday, and playoffs start Friday. We'll for sure be the #1 seed, as we are 6-0 right now. Our point spread so far….get ready for this….424-2. The 2 point we let up were me dropping a pump fake in the end-zone b/c it was raining! Haha" - Brian T. Moran


"Oh by the way, we went 15-0 (regular season), 4-0 (playoffs) and won the base Championship. It works..." - Fernando "Nando" Waldron, Captain, USAF


"In a 14-17 team league with a draft every year I have won the championship 4 of 8 years...thanks to what i learned from your system!" - Phil Clawson and Dan Aronson


"Quick little update. Ran your offense steam rolled the league in our first year. Met a tough team mid season and got beat. Went back and ran your defense and ended up winning the title. Thank you so much for that. I'm sure you get this a lot but I really really appreciate your help." - Rafael


"I purchased your system about two years ago and it has helped me a ton. In my first season using it, we went 8-1 and won the championship! Thanks a lot for your help!" - Hac Dang


"Last year, I ordered the headache offense and it took my team to the league championship. Thanks." - Mike


"Words can not express my appreciation for the time you have spent helping our team out. When we do win our Championship I'll be quick to tell people who helped us out. I would look for us to finally take over the league in the fall of 2000. I think that is when we will finally have it all down. Your e-mails have helped a ton! Shoot I've even printed them out and attatched them to the book. Kind of like an extra chapter. heh. When we do finally beat NLS I'll be sure to let them know why. I'll bet they'll be looking for your help after that! hahaha..We're not only playing for ourselves now, we're playing for you too. Thanks again. I just can't say thanks enough. [They scored 60 points in their first two games/scrimmages with the offense, the 2nd game of the regular season they set a record with a 69-0 win!]"
- Daniel (Wolf Pac)


"I’m really shocked at your level of service. You really do help people like you claim, that is so refreshing. I can not wait to send you a great reply telling you we went undefeated in our next league." - Evan


"I just wanted to let you know that the kids won out the rest of the season and won the Superbowl championship against a team that slaughtered us 48-0 earlier in the season. I've had several coaches and even some of the referees asking about getting a hold of my playbook. Your system really works, and we didn't even implement the entire system. We had audibles when defenses switched from a zone to man and we killed them on the fly every time. When we get the rest of your system down, we'll be unstoppable. Thanks." - A. Guzman


"Your offensive strategies are working quite well with my 10-12y.o. 7-on-7 flag team! the last two games, we scored on 7 of 8 possessions, and limited the opponents to 1 TD (combined). Only reason for not scoring more? I pull the top 3 players midway through the 2nd half to let the weaker players have some fun." - Peter


"Your system helped my old team in Las Vegas win many games and championships! So, thanks..." - Dejanairo


"...we have been using your schemes ever since and been successful. The first year we went 12-0" - Ray


"i ordered your headache offense and it [worked] great, i am new to my team and so i didnt think they would want to see it but now after our first game using only 5 plays over and over, and with a few plays we added to the formation my whole team is dedicated to memorizing the playbook. we beat the best team on our military insatllation and the defending 8th army champs 52-8. it was such an swesome game and i wanted to thank you." - Anthony


"Just wanted to let you know that the 4 man offensive information and the info on overloading the zone really helped. We beat one team 29 - 8 and the following week we trounced the only undefeated and first place team 39-8. That's alot of points considering that we only play 2 - 20 minute halves and we are only allowed one timeout a team with no other way to stop the clock. When they played zone - we killed them by running through the [edited]. After a while, they went man to man and then we killed them again by calling audibles for the [edited]. I appreciate all you information - we are definitely the best team in the league right now. Too bad I didn't come across your web site sooner." - Adrian


""Hey John, i love the manual. This thing is awesome... I am the QB, and i love how you break down the plays with the 1st look you should be making on down to the last option...Thanx a ton. You really know your Sh!T. Thanx" - Dave


"The Offense I purchased kicks a**!!!" - Jeremy


"Thanks a lot. [for the defense] Our last game we had 3 interceptions and the team only scored off of us once because someone messed up. thanks again!!" -Brent


"Keep the (extra) 10 dollars, Your 'headache offense' is worth more than your current price, you need to increase your price. Keep up the good work!" - Anonymous


"I purchased the offensive package a couple of weeks back and am so happy. Now Im kind of bummed i didn't purchase the defense too... We average about 40 points a game and we practice in a tiny little parking lot. Thank you so much for your work." - Rafael


"We finally got to play Sunday and played 2 of the better teams in a double-header. We WERE 1-4 up to this point and not going very well (before implementing the system). Sunday - we won 20-14 against first team and 21-19 in the next game. Our team has improved a LOT with this. We could've won both games by a bigger margin but we had a few errant passes as the weather was cold and our hands were frozen. This system is very hard to defend... The first team tried zone - We beat them with ****** and just by *********. The second team tried man - we should've completed every pass - and I ended up running for about 100 yards as QB... The highlight of the game was after ***** so often I just ******** and would run right up the gut for 20 yard gains at a time." - Jim

"I'm currently coaching 9 11-14 year olds in a 7 man league and I'm implementing aspects of your gameplans. Our first game is 27 March and I can't wait...I've gone through most of the binder (110 pages)...I particularly like the unbeatable defense and I think it will be really effective. I played the role of QB as I taught it to my kids and man is it gonna suck for opposing QBs." -LTJG Jammal L. Jones


"I suggested some of your plays to my QB when we were not scoring with his plays. To make the long story short, your plays worked. Score was 28-7 :-) Thanks again!!!" -Ramon


"Congratulations with your help we have an unstoppable offense" -Rodney


"You system is excellent. Very sound. As a college and high school football player and coach, I truly appreciate the lengths to which you have gone developing and documenting such a great system. Simplistic for the offense, beyond difficult for the defense to comprehend. " - Joseph


"Dear Jonathan,

Just wanted to let you know how great these plays are. I admit I was at first a bit skeptical as it sort of sounds a bit too good to be true on your web site.....,but once I got the plays and read through everything I was excited.

We had an informal scrimmage by happenstance two weeks ago at one of our practices. And after a bounced interception on the first play, we drove the length of the field 3 times from our own 20 and scored 2 TDs and should have gotten the 3rd except for a poor throw by me and then a dropped pass in the end zone. I had not yet made up play cards, so was just doing your plays from my memory after the first read through the material....

This last week we had our first game of the season and I had made 4x6 play cards for our 8 man team representing just 15 of your plays plus one I designed and threw in....We scored on our 1st 3 possessions and scored the xpt 2x (we rarely ever scored the XPT last season). We should have scored on the 4th possession of the half, but had two dropped spite of that , we were winning 20-0 at the half!!! The final score was 20-6 as I came out in the 2nd half and the backup QB did not do as well with the plays because it was his first time seeing them...

The defense was completely baffled. I used the basic formation and kept putting either the 1 back or 4 back in motion from different positions and heading either towards strong side or weak the end, they could not defend the strong side (I always had an open receiver) and whenever I went to the weak side on the option I was practically standing by myself. A few times running for 10yards and 2 other times pulling up to throw 2 of the TDs over the unsuspecting defense....I did throw in one pretty cool play on the weak side, where we option to weak side and then I pull up and throw back to the strong side tackle, who then threw to the 1 back who had gone in motion from weak side to strong side and ran a "go" or "streak" pattern. It was such an easy TD! I sold the option and the free safety was totally caught off guard when I threw back to the tackle who lofted a 40 yd TD pass!!!! Needless to say, the defense was looking for Advil at the half and was totally demoralized after 15 minutes of play....

These plays are great and I look like a genius, thanks to you. My entire team is EXCITED because they know we are going to now have a great offense to go with our already great defense (We only have given up 2 TDS in a game 2x in the past 3 seasons)!!!

I can't wait to get back on the field this Saturday and light up the scoreboard age 37, my confidence has never been higher and I have been playing football a very long time...thanks again! I have still not even scratched the surface of all of the stuff I received....

Best regards,

Ken Reimer"


"I bought the 7 on 7 playbook and loved it. We averaged over 30 points a game and rolled over almost everyone we played." - Brian


"I purchased your offense package last year and it worked so well that I would like to purchase your defense package this year...I never expected it to work so well. Thanks." - Joe


"Thanks guy I really appreciate this I have alot of plays but these are the best I've seen I know they'll work just by looking at them. I know how these defences are and they won't stop it. We play 2 of the toughest teams we play this season and I can't wait to try them out." -Jason




"I just wanted to thank you for all your help. i just got back from our last northern california tournament. We took first place in northing california. our last tournament is this weekend in Fresno (central california) and we are in a race for 1st place in that division." - Brent


"You're a GENIUS!!!! We basically ran one play on them the whole game -- the you gave me below -- and they never DID figure it out. We won 42-7 and they were completely outgunned! Thanks a million, buddy. I can't tell you how great it was to see them stumbling all over trying to stop us. They couldn't get our offense off the field. Our whole team sends their thanks for this victory!. Take care. " - Mark


"20-6 win...and with our league...that is impressive. What is even better is that we could have scored another TD late, but the ref wouldn't let us run up the score. All I used were the plays I sent to you ...I had more waiting in case, but I never had to go to them. It was nice to see all smiles on offense. " - Rodney




"Last weekend was soo much fun and it boosted everyone's confidence. they were all beginning to see the beauty of the play. Everytime the QB burned the rusher to a side the ML would leave her zone and open up the middle or leave the HB open. at other times the corner when she thought that the QB was going to run would leave her man deep and come up to make a play. then it was touchdown time like it was sooo easy!!! and everytime the defense played honest either someone was open or the QB could easily run for 10 yards on average!!! i'm impressed with that. The run up the middle does wonders. " - Anonymous


"Hey!!!!!! We played today an beat up on them. The plays worked great. There where times the QB didnt have enough time and he just ran and ran. We never even practiced the plays together we just ran them in the srimmage when we practice them and everybody knows really how to run them the plays will work even better. " - Anonymous


"I received your email and Im PSYCHED!!!!!! Thanks for the help. I have read and reread through all the plays and made the adjustments I think will make it work with 6 players. I'm confident it will work. Thanks so much for your time, I'm glad I found someone with sound football knowledge. " - Anonymous


"May I just say that i'm really really impressed with these plays!! I love them. I spent hours trying to figure out ways to stop it with all the defensive plays i know, modifying them, making up new ones, trying all scenarios and i concluded that if these are executed properly there will always be positive yardage. If this were my college intramural team i would love this!! " - Anonymous


"Wow, as I hoped, your advice is right on. Thanks a lot. I can't wait for our first practice. I've read over your material, and I have to say, wow, I'm seriously impressed! It's very well thought out and clear. I'll be sure to let you know how we do this season, and thanks again for all the help, and phenomenal playbooks!" - Drew


"I received the package and I LOVE IT!!!" - Bob


"i implemented your idea where the HB could throw. THATS AWESOME!!! this forces the rushers to rush narrow lining up on the sides of the center. this results in the QB having the chance to roll out to one side. now when the rushers are jumping the gun or lining up wide we just fake the hike and the HB just throws a short 5-8 yard pass to the SE (when uncovered) or to the center for a quick lob pass. the defense can't react fast enough and the rushers are taken out of the play!!! we were surprised to find out that when the QB was able to beat the rushers to the outside she could easily run for 5-10 yards and could make the streak pass because she had time to set up to throw. later the boys and I tried the wildcat hike that you mentioned. when done properly its much faster than the regular hike!!! now i just have to practice this with the girls. i'm excited because now we have a chance at making this play work with the talent we have open to us. " - Anonymous


"Thanks for allowing me to view the Headache Offense. It appears to be easily adaptable to 11-man tackle. I'll study it over this next week. " - J. Jenkins


"i'm just glancing thru the stuff and i love it! it's easy! thanks and i look forward to using these ideas. thanks for compiling it all!" - craig


"I'm really enjoying your flag football playbook. It is very brilliant." - Roman


"Just wanted to thank you for the access to your site. You have done an amazing amount of work on this subject. " - Bill


"I received the plays you sent me. I took some of them to practice to see how they looked first-hand, and they were great. Everyone is excited. What we've seen so far looks great." -Leonard (REDD team attack)


"at the halfway point in a 8 game season the Queen of Apostles Eagles, 5th and 6th grade team, comprised of Six 6th graders and eleven 5th graders are 3-1. By the excited looks on their faces after the last game, where we beat St. Martins 42-20, the boys confidence factor is very high. Thanks for the support!" -Kevin (Eagles)


"We'll try every idea you have, thanks for input and time you've taken to help us out. I'd like to post your link on my web page and tell everyone about your book, but................then they might beat me! Kind of a cach 22. Maybe I'll just tell 8 man screen teams!..Thanks again!" -Dan


"I hope i can eat next week! your product has excited me that much. Thanks again- you've been sooo professional and helpful. Thanks a million" - louis davis


"Johnathan I want to thank you for making your playbook available to us. Since we got it my team has shown a lot of improvement. We are 3-1 and averaging 4 toucdowns a game. That's saying a lot for a team who only won 1 game last year and didn't score more than 14 points in game thank you so much." - Sam


"I just noticed your website and thought it was a wonderful idea. It's great that you are promoting the knowledge of football as such. I wish I had money to spend on your system. I can tell without even learning it that it will be a good one. Good luck with it." - Andrew Curtis


"Mr Grant, you have inspired me. Your e mails have given me new ideas to the balance of flag football. All of the coaches in my league probably slap a few plays together. Your generosity and kindness is unmatched. Obviously you are one of this sports greatest men. Thank you for all you've done. I can't thank you enough!" - Kane


"Your plays look great!! and the concepts behind them are very good. Thanks."


"Thanks for all you do for this wonderful sport." -Dave


"I loved your plays and they have helped my flag team tremendously." - Derrick


"Thank you so much and let me say that I love your plays." - Dan


"Well, this is it, thanks for all your help - I can't ask for anything more and please know I think you went far beyond the call. Thank you again." - Erich



If you are going to buy an offense and defense, why not get the best?

- Jonathan Grant


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