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Tips from Coach Craig Miller

Some “secret” tips from Coach Craig Miller of the 5-time Florida state champion, Apocalypse Football. He’s also won 5 IFFF World Cups, the USFTL National Championship and 2 USFTL National Runner Ups.

  • Breaking down a zone – you need 2 receivers that will run clearing routes really hard even though there is almost no chance they will ever get the ball. You need 2 receivers that will run 5-yard hook routes, get covered and not run around trying to get open. This is next to impossible because the average football player is selfish, wants glory and wants the ball. But, if you can find these 4 players, the Wide Receiver running a cross-field slant-up and slant at 15 yards will be wide open, every time. The hard part is getting your guys to buy into a team concept and be unselfish. This play splits a zone the easy way: vertically with a big fat seam at 15 yards. Crossing guy must get across field really fast.
  • We also found many teams have difficulty in the redzone and with extra point trys. Defensive schemes are another area of concern.
  • The most important item is unselfishness and players who never give up and love their teammates. You must let bad attitudes find another team. Gradually the excellent players will all want to play with you because they want to win and not fight with their own team.

If you can just do item 1, you will become a champion after you install our redzone scheme and a few disguised Dees.