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Coach Miller’s Redzone Philosophy

Coach Craig Miller is coach of the 5-time Florida state champion, Apocalypse Football. He’s also won 5 IFFF World Cups, the USFTL National Championship and 2 USFTL National Runner Ups.

Redzone Philosophy for Apocalypse - many teams struggle in the redzone. We did. There should be 2 phases in the redzone: 1) get close and 2) score. Phase 1 starts with two 90% plays that will gain 5 to 10 yards with 90% success. These are quick passes of 3 yards that often break for 5 to 10 yards. We have about 12 sure-fire plays that we call the “S-series”. One time I got frustrated with my QB for not calling enough of these plays and he agreed to run 9 of these plays in a row. By the time he got to the 9th play, we had scored 4 Touchdowns! (We have incredible speed and broken field runners) I also recommend these plays on first-and 20 and second and long. Get close then get the first down.

Within 10 yards of the endzone, switch to your extra point plays. You should have 2 sets: from 10 yards and from 5 yards. The best endzone plays are front line/backline plays. I also like using a fake reverse and double pass to buy a little time for my backline guy to zoom across the field slanting or posting to the backline behind 2 frontline curls. (A backline drag takes too long from 10 yards out.) Throw high touch pass to backline. Or hit easy frontline guy when defender abandons him. Frontline guys MUST NOT run around and try to get open!!! Stay covered with toes 3 inches inside goal line. Get these plays to work at 75% and always go for 2-pointextra-point conversions.